Tourmaline Nyx Ring

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Size - US 6 1/2


Calling in the element water, these designs are inspired by the spirits of the river, floods and heavy rainfall.

Crafted by hand in wax and transformed into recycled 925 sterling silver through casting.

Finally set with a divine piece of tourmaline.

Tourmaline Green -

The medicine of this colour rests in the heart chakra, aiding in cellular function, & reproductive imbalances, and also brings heart healing.

A stone for loyalty, and good business, especially those focused on ethics and the environment.

Perfect for the herbalist or gardener, it’s connection to earth energies are strong, and is often found to draw in those who are connected to the realm of nature and the elementals too, or those who need to form a closer bond to nature.

A stone of being open to giving and receiving, it’s heart centred energies allow those wearing to welcome and activate compassion, tolerance, divine love and abundance. The perfect stone for assisting in expansion and growth of the soul, and holding a bond with devic spirits & guides.


All pieces are cleansed and ready for you to make your own and work together with the stone to set intentions and program what healing you require from it.