Brewer of Herbs

Eliza Brewer - Naturopath 


What is Naturopathy?

Naturopaths are trained in both herbal medicine and nutrition. The goal of our consult and treatments is to get a full picture of your health past and present, and from there work out the root of the cause, rather then only addressing symptoms (Which are just signposts for a deeper issue at play.) We look to balance your mind, body and spirit to bring you back to health. 

I offer free ten to fifteen minute consults if only interested in herbal liquids, and regular initial and follow up appointments which are 1.30 hours and 30 minutes from then onwards. 

I offer both in person and Skype consults 


Herbal Liquids - $55 for 210mL

Initial Consult 1-2 hours - $95 

Skype Consult 1-2 hours - $75

Follow up Consult 30-45 minutes - $50


For all enquires or appointments for naturopathy and the herbal dispensary please book in or reach out to have a chat to start your healing journey!