Tourmaline Fae Folk Ring

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Calling in the element water, these designs are inspired by the spirits of the river, floods and heavy rainfall.

Crafted by hand in wax and transformed into recycled 925 sterling silver through casting.

Finally set with a divine piece of tourmaline.

All pieces are cleansed and ready for you to make your own and work together with the stone to set intentions and program what healing you require from it.

This powerful stone is known for removing blockages, cleansing, purification, compassion, inspiration, prosperity & protection.

Often used in rituals for these many purposes.

Blue Tourmaline - 

Medicine for this tourmaline comes from the throat and crown chakras. Mind healing, particularly useful to those suffering overthinking, obsessive thoughts, migraines, and throat complaints.

A stone offering clarity and understanding, ease of communication and the ability to speak truth, and listening to it.

Ideal to meditate with as it is extremely potent in opening channeling and communicating to higher realms of many kinds, and being able to share the insights after mediations are complete.

Known for helping the wearer work through past life and current life traumas.

Like the ocean, rivers and streams it washes away attachments, and what is not needed, leaving clearer sight, and bringing focus to things that really matter.