Slender Devil’s Twine Ring

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⋒ Cassytha glabella ⋒ Slender Devil’s Twine 

A commonly found species to the woodland/heath, around the Blue Mountains to NSW Coastlines, but can still be found in all states of Australia. Green in colour and smooth, sometimes with red markings. It is a hemi-parasite plant, that starts it’s life with nourishment from the earth, and only begins to act as a parasite to plants once it comes in contact with them. Once in contact, it forms dense masses of tangled coiled twine on its host plants and sometimes even on itself, attaining nourishment through absorbing sap with its specialised roots known as haustoria. This particular species is distinguished by its thin stems, being only 0.4-1 mm in width. Flowering in summer, small white flowers appear in globular heads on short stalks, and the entire flower is approx. 2mm in length. The fruit is a berry that is said to be one of the most abundant and tasty morsels in the bush, being sweet and mucousy.


Indigenous Uses -

An infusion was drunk of the whole plant in water in cases of high temperature. In Queensland a decotion was used to bathe in for combating pain.

The species known locally as “natcha” in Hopervale Mission near Cooktown is used as an infusion to alleviate chest pains.


Properties -

For those who has issues with attachment, are unable to find independence or their own feet. Letting go of patterns and attachment that don’t serve your highest good. For those with minds crowded with thoughts, or those who struggle to focus on themselves and instead help everyone around themselves. Alternatively is also useful to those who need to feel more connected to those around them and in need of external support.





Self Appreciation

Self Acceptance

Letting go


Handmade on the East Coast of Australia. Each design we create is crafted with love and set with an intention best suited to the individual piece. 

This Pteridium esculentum has been hand picked, and then transformed through casting to solid recycled 925 sterling silver, then finally have worked it into wearable natural art.