Red Bloodwood Gumnut Talisman

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This design is created using a cast gumnut from the majestic Red Bloodwood. The flora has been hand picked then transformed through casting to solid recycled 925 sterling silver, we then turn the gumnuts into wearable botanical art.

This hand crafted treasure can never be recreated as each gumnut is unique.

Known as Mannen in Indigenous Australian tongue whom are located around the Sydney Region.

Corymbia gummifera, or Eucalyptus gumnmifera commonly known as the Red Bloodwood. Family Myrtaceae.

Medium to large tree, often with gnarled branches and can be stunted on the coast. It has rough flaky bark with longitudinal and transverse cracks throughout the entire tree trunk, though the smaller new growth and branches such as twigs are smooth in appearance. The leaves are tapered on either end with lateral veins parallel and in close proximity to one another, which form an angle of 60-70 degrees with the mid-rib. The leaf size is approximately 10-16 cm long and 2-5cm in width and the underside is often is paler then the top. These beautiful trees flower in summer, with large terminal clusters of flowers. The fruit is easily identified as a gumnut and are urn shaped with broad rims which is the best way to determine the difference between it and Corymbia eximia or Corymbia intermedia. From splits and cracks in the bark a bright red gum (known as kino) is released, which is the reason for this species name.
Found on the coastal regions to approximately 1000m above sea level, from the north-eastern corner of Victoria, to New South Wales and all the way up to Queensland this majestic tree grows, preferring loamy and sandy/gravelly soils. It also can be often found in close proximity to Eucalyptus piperita.

Charcoal of this plant has been used as an antiseptic, and the kino (gum), has been used (it is an astringent) by the Indigenous Australians for treatment of venereal sores through internal and external application, and has also been said to cure ring worm. The flowers were also sucked for their nectar and the sap/gum (kino) was used for fishing lines made of fibres to stop the fraying.

To Indigenous Australians, the Eucalyptus tree is sacred, representing the division of heaven, earth and the underworld.

Energetic Properties -
Clarity and Cleansing
Emerging beauty
Hidden depths
Enhance psychic abilities
Feminine power (Gumnuts can represent female reproductive organs, being the fruit of the tree they are the ovaries of the plant)

References for ID and medicinal properties - Field Guide to the Native Australian Plants of Sydney - Les Robinson and Australian Medicinal Plants - E.V Lassak & T. McCarthy