Lepidolite Potion

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⚘ Lepidolite ⚘

Ideal for times for stress and chaos. This stone is a perfect companion to those who also suffer from anxiety or are empathic, as it contains lithium that is useful to stabilise emotional imbalance. Additionally quite beneficial to those with a hot head or temper as it eases fiery emotions and allows for a sense of calmness and compassion.

This stone allows us to open up to our hearts desires and be more honest with ourselves, assisting with letting us be our authentic self without worry of judgement. Can be of great use to those who are overly dramatic and have self inflicted destructive habits

Lepodlite has the ability to assist the wearer in reducing dependency and neediness on others in unhealthy situations, and to work through the root emotions and blocks causing the behaviour. Also particularly helpful to those often in need of constant reassurance and validation of their self worth/direction from external sources, rather then looking within. It works to show a new perspective and empower the wearer to be independent, and have courage in their own convictions.

Can be of great help for inducing a restful sleep and sense of peacefulness, especially beneficial in sleep disorders and for those suffering from nightmares. Used to absorb electromagnetic pollution, and also is helpful in gardening as it speeds growing and provides a nurturing energy that can enhance nutrients and taste.

It can be a great tool for deep meditation, dreamwork, rituals, shamanic journeying, opening channeling, reconnecting with past lives, psychic communication, mediumship, contact with spiritual guides/angels, and is powerful in protecting the wearer from psychic attacks.

⚘ Properties
- Balance
- Acceptance
- Trust
- Good luck
- Protection
- Positivity
- Uplifting
- Calming
- Soothing
- Anti anxiety (especially social)
- Tranquility
- Ability to cope in stressful situations
- Honesty
- Self love
- Independence

⚘ Chakras - Primarily Heart, but also crown & third eye
⚘ Gods - St Germain, Persephone, Aphrodite
⚘ Element - Spirit
⚘ Moh’s Hardness Scale - 2.5 - 3.0 (be careful with this stone as it is delicate)

A little magic potion to carry with you anywhere you go.

Crafted sustainably from recycled 925 sterling silver, then set with a mystic Lepidolite Crystal.

This item has been designed and handmade sustainably by us Witch and Shaman, on the Central Coast of Australia. Each design we create is crafted ethically with love and set with an intention best suited to the individual piece.