Ginkgo biloba Malachite Ring

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This piece is a one of kind, handmade Ginkgo biloba leaf. 

Created sustainably with recycled 925 sterling silver. This style are all individual and vary as each leaf naturally would, due to the nature of the techniques of hand fabrication we’ve used to bring this silver leaf to life. 

Set with a piece of malachite.

Handcrafted ethically in the Darkwood Valley just outside of Bellingen, Australia. Each design we create is made with love and set with an intention best suited to the individual piece.

Malachite -

𓂀 Spiritual unblocking and clearing, quite useful when unable to move forward as it helps us break ties, encourages you to make changes for the highest good. For those who wait for change rather then making it happen themselves. It helps bring to the surface the emotions and blockages holding one back for the user to begin the healing process, clearing out unwanted energy and ties.

𓂀 A stone of protection, both psychic and emotional. It acts as a shield to the wearer while also absorbing any incoming negativity or pollution. Particularly useful when under psychic attacks.

𓂀 Ideal for the gardener, animal lover and those deeply connected to nature and devic realm. Connecting us deeper with the earth mother and the elemental beings, it can increase intuitive gardening and the ability to see the elemental realm. With strong humanitarian energies it is beneficial to those on a path of healing the planet, or for those who need more awareness of their impact on it.

𓂀 For those feeling easily controlled or are overly controlling, beneficial to those who are judgemental or critical of others. Helps to rebalance the heart chakra and allow you to not take on board the energies of others while also seeing your own emotions more clearly.

𓂀 Benefits those with depression and anxiety, through the grounding and protective energies. Particularly useful in those with childhood or past traumas/abuse or those with fear of confrontation. It encourages the wearer to make positive changes and take more risks that can benefit their spiritual and emotional development, breaking down and alleviating stress, shyness and thought patterns that do not serve you.

𓂀 Can bring enhanced dreaming and dream recall along with having clearer visions of past and future, channelling, intuitive insight. Used in ancient Egypt, Pharaohs would often like their headdresses with Malachite, as they believed this was able to give them clear insight and help them to rule wisely.

Properties -
Purification (energetic and mind)
Psychic protection
Spiritual Growth
New beginnings
Breaking negative patterns
Protection for travelers
Change and renewal

Element - earth
Chakra - heart
Gods - Hathor, Isis, Persephone, Pan, Baphomet, Raphael

𓂀 Absolutely imperative to cleanse regularly as it is like a sponge to negative energies.

Moh’s hardness scale 3.5 - 4.0

Size - US 6