Tourmaline Nyx Ring

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Size - US 8


Calling in the element water, these designs are inspired by the spirits of the river, floods and heavy rainfall.

Crafted by hand in wax and transformed into recycled 925 sterling silver through casting.

Finally set with a divine piece of tourmaline.


Pink Tourmaline - 

Medicine for this Tourmaline is that of the heart, and lungs. Ideal for those with heart issues of all kinds, and also skin complaints.

Gentle and nurturing, this stone allows the wearer to soften and strengthen. For those who the world may have worn down or hardened into negative defences, who are truly kind hearted in need of a gentle push back to the light. Also perfect for those who give and do not know how to receive, pouring from an empty cup and not making space or boundaries for their own healing or happiness.

Brilliant for those who work as carers of all kinds, it amplifies the loving caring energies of the wearer back onto themselves. Nurses, teachers, all physicians or healers, mental health professionals, energy workers, doulas. Anyone who takes time to care for others but struggles to do so for themselves.

Nurtures the emotional and spiritual aspects of the trinity of health. Offering support to find unconditional love for self, and seeing your self worth. Raises self esteem, and helps in reshaping positive thought patterns over  negative past patterns. Giving mercy and grace to yourself, and others.

Opens energetic connections with angels, Mother Mary and other ascended masters.

Truly a stone of deep acceptance and divine love.



All pieces are cleansed and ready for you to make your own and work together with the stone to set intentions and program what healing you require from it.