Piperita Gumnut Twig Talisman

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Recycled 925 Sterling Silver Gumnut. This piece has been cast into solid silver from a foraged gumnut local to the Central Coast of NSW, Australia. We have then crafted it into a wearable piece of botanical art.

Eucalyptus Piperita or White Stringy Bark

Often a small and elegant tree, however at times can grow to be much taller around 20m, with rough barked grey trunk, and whiter upper limbs. The upper limbs can usually be seen dangling pieces of bark and has widespread branches. Leaves which are younger are opposite and can have a ‘stem-clasping’ tendency. While the mature and older leaves are alternate and have a dull blue/green colour and tapered ends, generally around 6-12cm in length and 1-2cm in width. Usually it is spotted in poor rocky/sandstone soil, or moist valley slopes. Located from the far south coast of Australia to the central North Coast. If crushed and smelt, they usually have a strong scent of peppermint. Flowering in summer and with fruit that are usually in small 6-7mm size urns with deep valves, and are densely packed clusters which become less dense as they fall off over the following months.

The first Australian plant to be used medicinally by the Europeans. Not surprisingly, they noted it was more effective in the treatment of colic then usual peppermint. “More efficacious in removing colicky complaints than that of the English Peppermint”

Volatile oils are have been used to treat stomach upsets as mentioned above, and can also be useful in the treatment of migraines.

To Indigenous Australians, the Eucalyptus tree is sacred, representing the division of heaven, earth and the underworld.

Energetic Properties -
Clarity and Cleansing
Emerging beauty
Hidden depths
Enhance psychic abilities
Feminine power (Gumnuts can represent female reproductive organs, being the fruit of the tree they are the ovaries of the plant)

References for ID and medicinal properties - Field Guide to the Native Australian Plants of Sydney - Les Robinson and Australian Medicinal Plants - E.V Lassak & T. McCarthy